The Crew – E3 2013 – Announcement Trailer [UK]

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Learn the introductory trailer of The Crew, a innovative motion-driving video game established in a enormous, open up-globe recreation of the United States.

47 thoughts on “The Crew – E3 2013 – Announcement Trailer [UK]

  1. Ubisoft trailers just lie all the time! It never looked close to this, same with Watchdogs. The Crew looks slightly better now but nothing like this even on PC

    Awesome trailer though (if you can call it that..)

  2. Fuck this shit Nigga i Played this game and its not that awesome like in the Trailer come to me in the hood and i will Show you the real shit nigga

  3. the attention to details is fantasticbut why is the crank shaft flat plane (it is ok, we forgive you)I have watched this trailer about 215498 times, and it still gives me that adrenaline rush, eye opening!

  4. You should play this game with friends, it's definitely more fun. I always feel like we're in a real crew, showing of different cars ( for example, one has a very fast supercar, the other has a classic musclecar and the other has a truck with raid spec). It's great to cruise around the world and challenge other crews.

    I've got this scenario where we where racing eachother in the desert with raid cars (we where driving to the monthly summit) and at a moment we split up but joined eachother at a jump 5 secs later and that felt so epic

  5. The saddest part is how that in the end there's so many people on the map!
    Whenever I play the game I just have 1-3 other people who are like 3km away, and as soon as I approach them, POOF they're gone!

  6. i am wating update for this game …

    Mirrur is bad . and light cars very bad i am wating update …

    "wild run" 8,5/10

  7. people tried to pawn off this trailer for Watch Dogs 2 lol. It makes no sense though, Watch Dogs isn't about cars, it's about hacking.

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