27 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky: 18 Minute Gameplay Demo – IGN First

  1. i have a feeling that when i get the game this is how its going to be: spawns in oh this is nice doesnt realise that im on a radioactive planet WHY DID I DIE D: -my life

  2. I'm gonna be honest. This game looks amazing! But it's just too much… Think about it. You have an entire universe to discover. The planets are ridiculously HUGE! Now imagine the whole galaxy. Imagine how many hours of your life your gonna spend on this game. But again I may be wrong. Maybe the purpose of this game is to just have fun and do things that a regular human being can't like travel planet to planet. So yes, it looks like a lot of fun. But I can't never imagine beating this game. That's if it can even be beaten. Either way great game, and I can't wait to try it out

  3. Why the hell are planets so close together wtf, I mean I know they want you to travel quickly to other planets/moons but come on, if it were realistic the planetary objects would just collide with each other, this bothers me

  4. They would use real world periodic table but they where worried people would learn something… try and cracked what it is about the periodic table they don't want us to know

  5. This game gives every Star Wars fan the chance to finally be their own Han Solo.
    Only thing I wish this game had is a sidekick option (Chewbacca-esque) and more player/AI interaction.
    ….and realistic, lifelike graphics.. (Battlefield-esque).. If it had those things, I could seriously get lost in this game..
    Still buying it =)

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