Minecraft Xbox 360/PS3 How To Make A Hunger Games Map (Forest)

Minecraft How To Make A Starvation Online games Map

Today: I am going to exhibit you how to make a Starvation Online games map the main target for now is to make a nice hunting forest. Make absolutely sure to comply with the relaxation of the collection to know what I am performing

Starvation Online games:
It is just about accurately like the film, In addition to the truth that it is blocks. You ought to find and slay the other gamers to turn into the victor. Loot chests and get the deadliest weapons to slay out your enemies.
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Let us Establish A Viking Village:
It is accurately like the title, I exhibit you how to develop a viking village. I start off from the mouth of the ocean and develop ships and numerous viking-like structures. It is by much my preferred videos to make.
This is also my own style of viking design and style all of these structures are my own ideas. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?record=PLhdrdBakGTJuzpnO7twB5whUh5G1zqTrt

Minecraft News & Features:
This collection Is all about the approaching attributes for Minecraft xbox and Playstation. I use twitter to get details from 4J Studios and I use my ideas on what is probably going to take place in the potential. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?record=PLhdrdBakGTJu9BR6iWmVZUpdrty9GJsBJ

Minecraft Pelagaid:
This was my survival collection that was supposed to final for a lengthy time. I have unintentionally deleted the globe. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?record=PLhdrdBakGTJtiFuD22EcDTayDRrIUXlZZ

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