25 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

  1. Honestly. Now… After all these years…. I'm kinda sick of GTA V. Oh Rockstar. I think it's time for a new game ;). Maybe it could and or possibly be a western based game ;)

  2. this treiler came out 3.5 years after the gta in and 2 years before gta v. so. if they do it again this way I am expecting a treiler in about a year for a game to come out in about 3 years… the gta vi hype is real for me… ? ? ? ? ?

  3. Why'd I choose PC?
    I guess it was the graphics.
    Or the, ah, I don't know, that frame rate,
    That render distance,
    You see it in the gameplay.
    I wanted to retire, from what I was doing,
    You know, from consoles,
    Those, laggy consoles.

    So, I bought a PC,
    I received it and I set it right up,
    I wanted to be a gamer like all the other gamers,
    My Frame Rate,
    Would be like the frame rates I've seen,
    It could reach 50, or,
    Maybe up to 60,
    But well, you know how it is.

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