DOOM 4 GAMEPLAY 18 Minutes Singleplayer, Multiplayer & Co-op

DOOM four GAMEPLAY 18 Minutes Singleplayer, Multiplayer & Co-op 60FPS 1080p E3 2015

Verify Out DOOM four Singleplayer Campaign Gameplay ► https://youtu.be/2BX1tQNBweg

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32 thoughts on “DOOM 4 GAMEPLAY 18 Minutes Singleplayer, Multiplayer & Co-op

  1. well this looks like it beats DOOM 3 by a mile, but then again so would a sharp stick in the eye. at least they FINALLY GOT A CLUE and made it in the style/spirit of the original like I've been ranting for them to do since forever. gee only took about what, 20 yrs? :) still, much as I love DOOM, I won't be buying this. yeah, this is at least in the ballpark, but IMO they still screwed it up. for one, the scenery is way, way too "busy" and it almost all looks the same (contrast that with how strikingly different the orig DOOM places could look…from the silver metal type levels to the medieval castle styles to….etc). borrring. also most of the monsters look AND sound about the same too……well actually the only one I heard make any discernible noise at all was the last big one.maybe because of all that asinine background crapass noise. wth? lame. come on; each monster should have a VERY diff look AND sound. and NONE of these really looked or sounded like any of the originals, which we DOOM fans are just dying to shoot again, just with better graphics.

    these morons remind me of TV execs who think they know how a show should be made and screw it up badly. they need to play the original DOOM about oh 80,000 times in a row until it sinks in that THAT is how DOOM should be. duh!

    I could go on but it's not worth it and I give up. you can't go home again. DOOM is (still) dead. and not in a good way.

  2. graphics are good but looks like they're going back to 2005 type shooters without Aim down sights. Fucking stupid and i pre ordered this shit pile

  3. Literally just looks like every single other 1st person vs monsters shooter in the last 10 years. Big ol fucking snore.

  4. Alright that opening video and the graphics. I'm sold.

    Since I can run Crysis no lag I should be able to run this, correct?

    Thinking about live streaming it not just because it's new. But because I've been obsessed with the original 3 Doom games since forever and am a big fan of the 8bit but wasn't so much a fan of Doom 3. Felt like it didn't live up to what I desired since Final Doom.

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