BMX Streets PS3 and Xbox 360 BMX Recreation Gameplay

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20 thoughts on “BMX Streets PS3 and Xbox 360 BMX Recreation Gameplay

  1. mobile version is ehhh is this really gonna be on ps3 bcuz that seems kinda pointless I mean it gives me a reason to keep mine but I feel if its on ps4 I'll gladly wait for it to be mastered and clean like how if they do another skate it should be like that

  2. So, what's the controls like? I mean, sure we could all about graphics and parks, but the fun I had in skate 3 was wacking out crazy combos, and that wouldn't have been possible without the button and trick layout! So, I'm interested in if you use buttons or the skate 3 analog tricks, and how easy it is to string crazy combos!

    Also, can player camera changing be a thing? I think I'd play a higher view than the low down camera used

  3. This looks really well done, I wonder when he will add toboggans into it, one thing I hope is that the controls are flowing and comfortable, because the controls for bmxthegame look really weird and all over the place, even if the tricks on this are done with the thumbsticks I'd like the hop being a button then using the stick in midair for the trick, just because the thumbstick controls work well with a skateboarding game like skate but a bmx doesn't feel the same for that layout, either way I'm still getting this it looks awesome! Keep up your riding too man!

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